Vaccum Pouch

Embossed Colorfully Food Packaging Vacuum Pouches And Roll Tubes

Embossed Colorfully Food Packaging Vacuum Pouches And Roll Tubes

Special surface channel bags

Special Surface Channel Bags, also can be named as embossed vacuum bags or textured vacuum pouches, are made of multilayer coextruded film and designed for use with vacuum machines, these embossed vacuum bags have a special textured on one side surface and the other side was plain web, suitable for air to easily be removed from the bag. As this kind of textured design, embossed vacuum bags provide an higher oxygen and moisture barrier, which obviously extends the shelf life and flavor of food products, as well as greatly reducing the occurrence of cryo-effect and wetness loss, thereby reducing waste.

Our special surface channel bags are available in many versions including:

• Excellent medium barrier (PA/PE) or high barrier (PA/EVOH/PE) 

• Standard or chilled cook-in (sous vide) 

• Superior abrasion and puncture resistance 

• Withstand constant temperatures up to 80° C and 95° C for shorter terms 

• Three side or two side seal or tubular (bottom seal) 

• 80-90 micron (± 5%) bags with a range of sizes available to suit a wide selection of vacuum machines

• Embossed vacuum pouches designed for use with vacuum chamber and vacuum sealer machines

• Excellent long term food storage

• Appication range with virtually limitless

Embossed vacuum pouch for tomato

Embossed vacuum pouch for fresh fruit

Embossed vacuum pouch for nut

Empty embossed vacuum pouch

Storage condition

Consist of plastic raw material,easy to burn with harmful gases,please keep under 5~35℃ with dry storage condition,far away at least 1 meter direct heat source.

Multi-layer co-extrusion technology

The packaging usually using multi-layer structure in order to take advantage of a variety of polymer performance.The multi-layer co-extrusion technology was one kind of process which was formed multilayer structure thin film by variety of different polymers.It can to meet and solve food ,pharmaceutical and other industrial packaging special needs through consist  advantages of all kinds of polymer chemistry and physics.We will always keep a technical lead special in PA/EVOH barrier packaging film field,and we will provide the best solution by customer different packaing requirements.