Welcome to Hawk-Pak co., Ltd. Hawk-Pak is a branch company of China Hubei Hawking Packaging Material Co., Ltd in Canada. The purpose of the company is to offer customers with convenient supply, thoughtful service and lower cost. Meanwhile, Hawk-Pak will promote latest products directly to local customers. Our main scope of business is to cover the whole America. Hawk-Pak will establish a transit warehouse in Calgary and activate the storage and transportation management system to provide customers with safer inventory and ensure the continuity and stability of the supply chain. 
Hubei Hawking Packaging Material Co., Ltd owns the world’s most advanced multi-layer co-extrusion cast film equipment from W&H Germany and multi-layer co-extrusion blown film production line, has the world first class analysis laboratory equipment, with experienced technical engineering team and strict quality control system. Hawking Packaging will work with customers to develop new products meet demand for environmental and energy saving.