Vaccum Pouch

High Temperature Barrier Cooked Food Vacuum Pouch

  High Temperature Barrier Cooked Food Vacuum Pouch

Barrier vacuum pouch  Description

HAWKCOEX™ 7500 Coextruded Film is a high-barrier and PA puncture-resistant multiple extrusion film that can be used in high-speed automatic packaging.

High temperature food pouch Features:
1. Highly puncture-resistant, flexible and soft;
2. Good tensile properties;
3. Withstanding high temperatures up to 100º C (boiling water);
And freezing temperatures as low as -45º C;
4. High-barrier;
5. Good heat-sealing properties and tack;
6. With good tensile strength and heat-sealing strength;
7. With highly even film thickness;
8. High evenness of bags made by it.

Cooked food pouch Applications:
1. Automatic stretch wrapping of food such as dried bean curds, cooked eggs, fried meat or sausages;
2. Vacuum packaging of sausages, fish or bones, etc.
3. Embossed vacuum packaging.

Kindly Reminder
Please advise the barrier material, thickness, size, style and quantity you prefer and other requirements, we will glad to help you with your choosing the right products and give you the best price.

Please store it in clean, well-ventilated and dry environments at a temperature between  5º C and 35º C; Keep it away from heat, corrosive chemicals or any other harmful substances. 

Technical Data Sheet


Two sides seal flexible pouch





Heat treatment

Room temperature and below


Max. 16%

Seal strength

Min. 24.49 N/15mm

O2 Permeability

9.8 cm3/m2/24hr ASTMD3985


0.8 g/100inch2/24hr ASTMF1249