Vaccum Pouch

11-Layer PA/EVOH/PP Co-Extruded Chamber Barrier Film Thermoforming Vacuum Bags

11-Layer PA/EVOH/PP Gas Barrier Film Thermoforming Vacuum Bags Co-Extrusion High Barrier Cast Film

Thermoforming vacuum bag Specifications:
*PA/PE co-extruded film
*Certified SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001, QS
*Food grade packing film
*More than 10 years experience
*All materails and equipments are exported.

Barrier vacuum bag Applications:
*Automatic food packaging such as dried bean curds, sausages, candies, spices, coffee, tea, nuts,
*Packing for frozenfoods(meat, dairy, poultry)and seafood.
*Vacuum packaging of sausages, fish or bones, etc.
*Embossed vacuum packaging.
*Cosmetics and scour packing,
*Electronics products and clothes, gloves, other various applications

Co-extruded vacuum bag Advantage:
* PA as barrier layer and increase shelf life
* Excellent barrier properties of oxygen and water
* Leakage resistant and high moisture proof
* High puncture and tear resistance
* Printability & heat-sealability
* Good tensile properties
* Highly puncture-resistant, flexible and soft
* With excellent film thickness deviation
* High planeness of bags made by it.
* Environmntal friendly

* 5/7/9 layers PA/PE film
* 5/7/9 layers PP/PE film
* 5/7/9 layers PA/PE /EVOH film 

Technical Data Sheet

测试项目               Testing   Item单 位     Unit测试标准        Testing Standard指 标     Target   测试数据     Testing Data
宽度                     WidthmmGB/T   6673-2001﹢2  ﹣0491
厚度                  ThicknessμmGB/T   6672-2001±270.21
拉伸强度      Tensile   StrengthMDMpaGB/T1040.3-2006≧2536.28
断裂伸长率   Elongation   StrengthMD≧380490.98
热封强度         Seal StrengthMDN/15mmQB/T2358-1998≧2022.75
剥离力                       Peel StrengthNGB/T8808-1988

透光率                    Light TransimissionGB/T2410-2008≧9090.3
雾度                         Haze≦62.96
摩擦系数      Coefficient of Friction USin/inGB/T10006-1988≦0.350.32